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Breast cancer

I have been supporting women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer for many years. There are wonderful natural ways to support your physical and emotional health following a breast cancer diagnosis and oncology treatments (such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment).


Physical symptoms such as post-cancer fatigue are very common following treatment. And many women feel the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis and treatment linger after completing their treatment.


Individualised herbal tonics are very helpful, in combination with lifestyle tweaks and focussed nutritional support.


My background in this area started in 2000 when I studied cancer support strategies with Herbalist, Nancy Evelyn while practicing in Newcastle. Then in 2018, I completed further integrative oncology study with American Naturopath Lise Alschuler. Both these practitioners helped provide me a solid context of understanding cancer and how best to support people who have had a cancer diagnosis.


In 2021, I completed a research degree through the University of Tasmania and my final piece of research was focussed on a topic of my own choosing. I chose to investigate medicinal mushrooms as potential adjunct treatment for breast cancer patients following oncology treatments. This research was published in the Journal of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia in 2021 and was a finalist for article of the year.


Reach out if you would like to work with me in this space.

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